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 Title is for the subject line of the email or to incorporate in a letter, below that is the email/paragraph text. Feel free to modify to suit your needs, in whatever you live:

1. Keep the Electoral College, dump winner-take-all


Under the Constitution, _____________ has the right to decide how to distribute its electoral votes. I know it may be difficult given the current political climate, but I urge you to support passage of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Overturn ______________’s winner-take-all law that has makes our state irrelevant in presidential campaigns!


With highest regards,



2. _____________ wants its share of the election pie


Under the current winner-take-all system of the Electoral College, only battleground states like Florida and Ohio get all the benefits of presidential campaigns: millions pumped into local economies, state issues brought into the limelight and a strong voice in federal policies after the campaign is over.


Support passage of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and make the whole country, _______ included, a battleground state in every election, where candidates must go everywhere when every vote is equal.


With sincere thanks,



3. Do I have to move to a battleground state?


The winner-take-all system of the Electoral College could be one of the most powerful voter suppression tools in existence. Imagine yourself being a Republican in a “blue” state or a Democrat in a “red” state. How long before you’d quit voting for president? The only real chance of having your vote count is to live in a battleground state.


Please, do what you can to get the national popular vote bill passed in ______________’s legislature... it’s only fair.







4. The National Popular Vote law is a state’s rights law


The National Popular Vote plan would be good for ________________, making it as important in presidential campaigns as any other state. If the President is the one who gets the most popular votes all over the country, then the candidates will come to ____________ and every other state where there are votes to be won.


A vote for president under a national popular vote system, is a vote for _____________’s right as a state to have its voice heard.


Sincerely yours,


5. There’s a popular vote for governor, why not for president?

Every voter in ______________ gets their vote counted for governor, why shouldn’t every voter in American get their vote counted for president? Every Republican’s vote, just as every Democrat’s and every Independent’s vote, becomes stronger when it joins the larger pool of others like it across the whole country.


Please support the national popular vote bill when it comes up in ________________.



6. Republican or Democrat, my vote doesn't matter in presidential campaigns


If I vote Republican, it’s overkill, if I vote Democrat, it’s a waste of time. Make my vote matter by turning the whole country into a battleground state. Please do what you can to pass the National Popular Vote Bill in the _________________ Legislature.



Thank you so much,




7. There’s less uncertainty in a national popular vote system for president


In the winner-take-all system of the Electoral College, every closely contested battleground state is a potential recount in the waiting. A few hundred or even a few thousand contested votes in a national popular vote election would have no effect on the outcome where 136 million votes were cast.


In the current winner-take-all system, it only takes as little as one vote to flip all the electoral votes of a battleground state from one candidate to another. Please, support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in _________________’s upcoming legislative session.



8. Voter suppression or voter empowerment?


I know people who don’t vote for president in ______________ because they know their vote doesn’t matter. I can only assume that many people in California feel the same way. I urge you to help _______________ lead the way for other states to end voter suppression and promote voter empowerment by passing the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in our upcoming legislative session.


With due respect,



9. Constitutional Amendment not required


We don’t need a constitutional amendment to reform the Electoral College. All we need is to legally replace one state law (winner-take-all) with another (National Popular Vote). Please get ___________ the attention it deserves in presidential elections by helping to make all votes, in every state, equal.


Thank you very much,



10. _________________ can lead the way in presidential elections


_______________ can help other “red” states understand that a nationwide popular vote doesn’t favor one party over another and should be the way we all pick the president together. Please make ___________________ part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact this session.


Respectfully yours,




11. _________________: a “small” state that can have a big impact in the election system


Utah may be considered a “small” state in the Electoral College scheme of things, but we can be a “big” state in the march toward making our next president, president without a doubt. Please pass the National popular vote bill this session and show the way to getting every state the attention it deserves in the next presidential election.


All the best,





12. Electoral College’s winner-take-all makes candidates ignore most of the country


Under the system of “winner-take-all,” the modern Electoral College is not what the founders envisioned and does exactly the opposite of what its advocates claim, not protecting, but ignoring “safe” states like ________________ where candidates have no reason to visit because they are sure to win or sure to lose.


Please support a national popular vote that would turn the entire country into a battleground state, making a vote in ____________ equal to a vote in Florida.


Sincerely yours,



13. Electoral College vs. Popular Vote


In the 2016 election, four counties in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, worth just 128,000, flipped the Electoral College in favor of the candidate who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. That was the margin by which George Bush won against John Kerry in 2004.


It’s time for _______________ to join the National Popular Vote Compact to make the popular vote the only vote for president of the United States.





14. Popular vote loser, Electoral College winner


Our new president will be one of the biggest popular vote losers ever! Something’s really not right. I want my vote in ______________ to count. Please support the National Popular Vote bill this year in the __________________ Legislature.


With highest regards,

15. It's constitutional!

The Electoral College was written into the Constitution, but the winner-take-all laws that dominate it are state statutes that can be replaced by opposing legislation such as the NPVIC. We can't keep confusing the Electoral College with those pesky winner-take-all laws! They’ve been around 137 years, no wonder everyone thinks they’re part of the Constitution! It’s perfectly kosher for states to decide how to distribute their electoral votes. In fact it's the "exclusive" right of the states to choose how to award their electoral votes. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!


16. We are ignored!

In the Electoral College winner-take-all system, any state, big or small that’s not a battleground state (where the outcome is uncertain) gets ignored like Utah. Ignored during and after elections, when the perks kick in. Why would any sane candidate go where they’re sure to win or sure to lose? Battleground states, not flyover states like Utah, get more federal grants, loans, no-child-left-behind exemptions and shape countless government policies from international trade agreements to designation of national monuments and federal land deals.

Please consider this for passage in Utah!

17. No red or blue states

Forget about the famous Electoral College map where every state is either all red or all blue. There’s no such state! California went “blue” on that map, but what about the almost 40% of voters there that were Republicans? Same thing happened to the 43% of the voters in the “red” state of Texas that were Democrats. The only way for California or New York to drag the rest of the country off the cliff in a National Popular Vote is if both states vote 100% one way or the other. That’s just not going to happen, NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL! It’s never even come close.

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