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for our soon to be active



  • Maine:

There is a hearing in the Joint Veterans & Legal Affairs Committee, Friday March 3rd. Live audio of the arguments is available from the Maine legislative website.

Senate Rules Committee  and

  • Start thinking now about participating in the public legislative committee hearings by offering your testimony. It's easy to do, and once you've seen a couple, not scary at all. Click here to watch video of how it works.

  • Get the best and latest arguments


    • After being passed in the Senate late February, on March 9th, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was left in committee after its first hearing on the way to the House, with no more action to be taken this legislative session.

    • New Mexico's next session is only 30 days and runs over the 2016 holiday season through to the middle of January, so NPV supporters in New Mexico are going all out and organizing a nationwide push for a National Popular Vote March on Washington to take place on Saturday October 7th, 2017. They are asking groups to register for sister marches in every non-member state the same day.


    • NPV is scheduled for a hearing in the House Rules Committee on March 14th at 3 p.m  If you know someone in Oregon please send them this link and ask them to write the members of the the House Rules Committee  expressing their support.

    • On Monday, the 13th they are hosting an educational seminar with one of the creators of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: John Koza. Go to NPV Oregon's Facebook page and click on the video link at the left to watch live streaming starting at 6:30 p.


Didn't receive extension of deadline 4/14/17

The NPV bill AB 274 had its first hearing on Tuesday March 21st in the Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee. Nevada senators and assembly people

NPV HB 2927 was heard on Wednesday June 21st at 1 p.m. PDT in the Oregon Senate Rules. Get your people in Oregon to CONTACT THE COMMITTEE and tell them to pass HB 2927 to the legislature for a vote with NO REFERRAL (for more


NPV bill HB 5434 UPDATE: Connecticut fell one vote short this year for the National Popular Vote bill. They plan to try again in 2018. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort and will continue to do so, incl. making the NPV a distinct and highly visible ELECTION issue wherever you are!


NPV HB 175 has been put on pause for the 2018 session as the legislative sponsor wisely sees that to pass it out of committee now would give the bill a "cold" start in the 2018 session when it hits the house floor. Therefore, HB175 will be picked up in the 2018 session, having already passed the House State Affairs committee and had its initial hearing in the House Judiciary committee.​​

Encourage people you know in states where the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is being introduced to support the legislation. Send them the link to: OPEN STATES to find their legislators' and committee members' contact information anywhere in the nation.

Or go to and click on Take Action Now

to send an email to your own legislator.

Click here to cut and paste sample letters

that can be modified (always in polite and respectful ways)

for emails, snail-mail or texts.




for our soon to be active



Before the 2016 presidential election, Utah, along with Michigan, Missouri, Georgia and Arizona were all poised to enact NPV. But when the Republican won the electoral vote without winning the popular vote, Republican legislators that had previously expressed support pulled away. They didn't want to be perceived as supporting legislation that might have elected a candidate as controversial as the Democrat. In 2018 testimony

They indicated that they have done what they can to persuade members and have given the go ahead for us to begin contacting members and urging support.

It's great if you're a constituent, but not a requirement, because at this point the goal is to get HB193 out of this committee and to the House Floor for debate.

Here's what you do:

  1. Click here and pick a short sample email to modify and make as personal as possible, or simply write one from scratch. Personal stories told with civility and sincerity (that include fact based comments) are the most effective. If you are a Republican, Independent and/or constituent, please state that fact. Keep in mind, any overly strong emotionally charged content may do more harm than good. (The ones that address particular concerns of Republican lawmakers.)

  2. Click here for the >>> Gov't Ops Committee page, then click the "members" tab. If there's no email listed try texting or looking for them on Facebook. A mailing address should be listed for each member and a real letter or postcard would be fantastic. Combined with a different digital message, even better.

  3. Send to all members to keep the "yeas" firm, perhaps soften some "nays" and hopefully bring at least one member to the NPV side.

  4. Forward this email to everyone you can think of in Utah that would like their vote for president to be relevant in every election. 


Ready, set... go!

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