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  • Under a national popular vote, Utah campaign money can stay in Utah instead of going to other states that may not share our rural concerns. Utah can team up with, not compete against, interests in other rural states like Colorado and Nevada.

  • Wherever voters are important, their states are important, when states are important, candidates pay attention. NPV makes every voter worth the attention.

  • After a winner-take-all Electoral College election, battleground states get more federal government grants, loans, no-child-left-behind exemptions and shape countless government policies.

  • When the whole nation is a battleground state, as in a National Popular Vote election, a state like Utah, currently an ignored safely red statecould promote its local powerhouse industries: computer chips, cosmetic brands and medical device manufacturers, face to face with candidates. Post-election, the potential for Utah's involvement in the negotiation of international export and trade deals could be significant.

  • Lots of money is spent by campaigns, and although the economic effect for local communities isn't long-term, the period building up to the election can bring significant revenue to local TV and film production companies, direct-mail, printing and outdoor advertising. Rent of campaign spaces, housing for temporary employment of key employees, and food and entertainment venues may see short term benefits as well. 

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