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Utah and the National Popular Vote - More relevant today than ever...
10/2/11   4.5 minute video
1/7/17 Daniel Friend: America should graduate from the Electoral College
12/17/16 Michelle Easter: Wasted Votes
3/28/12 Anthony Panek, U of U College Republicans and Aaron Miles, U of U College Democrats
2/10/12 Ladd Brubaker, Dennis Romboy: College students rally behind national popular vote bill

01/14/21 Bunnie Keen: A Way to Make Every American's Vote Count

07/30/20 Bunnie Keen: It's a myth that ending the Electoral College Would Favor Democrats

06/30/19 Bunnie Keen: National Popular Vote Would Make Every Vote Count, even in Utah

12/09/18 It's An Electoral Bus Not A College

07/07/18 Dennis Read Hanks: National Popular Vote would shield us from demagogues like Trump

03/28/18 Bunnie Keen: Electoral College makes our elections vulnerable

02/04/18 Bunnie Keen: Here's a way to make our votes count

12/16/17 Bunnie Keen: Utah should join the National Popular Vote Movement

12/28/16 Ken Engstom: Next time, the Electoral College could go the other way

12/11/16 Bunnie Keen: Here's a way to make everyone's presidential vote count

11/25/16 George Pyle: Every vote counts, except when it doesn't

10/21/16 Paul Rolly: Utah is looking at legislation that could make the state more relevant

12/17/11 Randy Tolman: Nix Electoral College


2/9/18 Tim Morris, Times-Picayune, New Orleans: The Electoral College is broken. Time to let the people decide.
5/7/17 Maegan Carberry, Why doesn't anybody know we're incredibly close...?
1/18/17 Jim Nelson, Missoulan: Electoral College, you're fired!
1/13/17 Bryan H. Wildenthal, San Diego Tribune: Electoral College: A disaster for democracy
12/20/16 Jeremy Burke, New York Times: Get rid of the Electoral College
11/15/16 Timothy Noah, Politico: The Trouble with the Electoral College
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